NAOS Finance
NAOS Token Economics
In our ecosystem, we issued the NAOS token as a catalyst to make the synergy between all of our protocols.
The NAOS token has a maximum token supply of 300M tokens, with the following distribution:
  • 30% Liquidity Incentive
  • 25% Ecosystem Growth
  • 23% Team and Advisors
  • 22% Private and Public Sales
Tokens in Ecosystem Growth are used for liquidity provisioning, marketing, community building, operations, product/tech developments, and partnership engagements.
Some of our early investors will have a small portion of their tokens unlocked after the liquidity bootstrapping event, with the vast majority of the token subjected to 1.5 year of quarterly vesting schedule.
  • Team: Vest over 2 years with quarterly release
  • Advisors: Vest over 2 years with quarterly release
  • Private investors: Vest over 1.5 years with quarterly release
  • Ecosystem: 50% Vest immediately, and remaining unlock after 1 year
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