NAOS Finance
NAOS Galaxy
Galaxy is the bridge between real world assets and DeFi liquidity. On the lending side, it allows asset originators to initiate financing for their real world assets. The assets will be tokenized into NFTs to be used as collateral.
When investors offer the liquidity to the pool, the interest-bearing tokens which represent the fraction of profit of the entire pool will be minted. Originators can retrieve the liquidity through mortgaging the tokenized real world assets and repaying the interest.
There are three roles in Galaxy:
  • Borrower: submits loan request with real world asset as collaterals. If the loan is validated and approved by the committee, it'll be tokenized and locked in the Galaxy protocol. The borrowers will then be able to access the corresponding liquidity from the pool. Regular payments of interest is required to maintain the pre-determined collateralization ratio.
  • Lender:
    • Alpha Pool: available to KYC'ed investors and lending protocols. The liquidity provided are used as lending capital for real world assets.
    • Beta Pool: insurance staking pool that serves as first-loss-guarantee to the Alpha pool. KYC is not required.
    • Boost Pool: locking NAOS Token can boost the NAOS Token rewards in Alpha Pool.
  • Liquidator: if the collateralization ration fell below pre-determined threshold due to default or delayed payment, liquidator will proceed to liquidate a portion of the real world asset to maintain the collateralization ratio.
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