NAOS Finance
What is NAOS Finance?
NAOS Finance is a decentralized real world asset (RWA) lending protocol that facilitates the borrowing of crypto native assets by using RWA as collateral. NAOS has established a large network of corporate borrowers and is operating with financing licenses in multiple regions. In the effort of connecting CeFi with DeFi, NAOS takes an ecosystem approach and looks to engage in meaningful strategic partnerships to expand the boundary of decentralized finance.
Our team is creating a decentralized financial network that:
Enables the origination and funding of loans without traditional intermediaries
Instills full transparency in the previously opaque risk assessment and loan application process
Breaks the geographic boundaries for lender/borrower to transact in a borderless fashion
Transfers financial value from financial institutions to lenders and borrowers
Offers the best interest rate on any comparable loan of the same risk profile and terms
Transfers custodial ownership of accounts from financial institutions to individuals
Democratizes irrefutable and immutable loan performance data that was held closely by centralized institutions
Accelerates the growth of the overall DeFi ecosystem with real world applications
We envision a permission-less and transparent loan marketplace where borrowers can access funding quickly and lenders can deploy capital freely. To accomplish this, the NAOS Finance protocol will replicate most, if not all, of the functionality of centralized intermediaries on the Ethereum blockchain. Our goal is to create an environment that combines the operational familiarity of traditional financial institutions and the technological benefits of DeFi.
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